Clare Havens

'The streets were dark with something more than night…' Raymond Chandler

Constable Country Mysteries

Writer’s BlockStill Waters and Tailor Made – British cosy crime novels  – 5 stars!

Writer’s Block – Kate Summers, artist and manager of the Constable Country Tearooms, is enjoying her new life in the country but trouble rears its head when Daniel Flynn, muck raking writer and enemy of Kate’s family, is murdered and Kate’s old nemesis from school is Detective in Charge of the investigation.

In the sequel to Writer’s BlockStill Waters, Kate is looking forward to celebrating the holidays with her new partner, Patrick Collins, and his two grown children when Patrick’s financial advisor is found face down in their frozen lake. Detective Vicky Allard draws Kate into the investigation into missing money and dark secrets and Kate finds that the most normal of people can be capable of the darkest crimes.

In the third book in the series, Tailor Made, Kate is asked to help when Jamie’s mother Maggie Williams is at the receiving end of some threatening behaviour. Is someone trying to force her to sell her farm? And what is this about a newly discovered Constable sketch? Detective Vicky Allard is soon on the scene, working with Kate to untangle a web of deception and lies.

‘Havens creates a perfect cozy mystery that had me guessing until the end. I loved the neighborhood, characters, the twists and turns, and how even the most charming little towns hold the darkest secrets’ – review by bestselling author Bella Street.

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Reviews for Writer’s Block

‘Havens’ first foray into the world of mystery writing is a great success. As in her children’s series (starring Bella Street), this is full of wonderfully drawn characters. The descriptions of the English countryside and village life show a keen sense of observation and humour. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves female crime writers from Agatha Christie to PD James.’
 Ems babes

‘I love finding new authors! I’m a big fan of Nancy Naigle & Laura Childs and I love this murder mystery genre. Clare Havens writes very well – you can tell she grew up in the English countryside from the way she writes about it and the people that live there. The story moves quickly, has quirky characters, and I was intrigued ’til the end. More, please!!’

‘I really enjoyed this first adult mystery novel by Aussie author Clare Havens. Clare has previously written the Bella Street Mysteries for tweens and this is her first foray into an adult mystery. She has nailed it in my opinion! A quick, easy read which was very entertaining and certainly one I have no hesitation in recommending.’

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you like your crime set in a small country village with plenty of village intrigue then this is the novel for you.’
 Lizzy Wilson

‘A most charming and entertaining English cosy reminiscent of Dorothy Sayers. Havens’ captures life in an English village, with all its secrets and scuttlebutt, perfectly. I really enjoyed Havens’ fluid and easy writing style.’ VickiT

‘Well-crafted mystery that introduces the Constable Country series. Clear portrayals of each character allow the reader to easily track them as the story unfolds. Havens nicely blends the motives and opportunities of suspects to keep the reader guessing. The collaboration of the detective and the tearoom owner shows promise for future stories. I’d enjoy experiencing more about the town as the series unfolds. A thoroughly enjoyable read that makes me long for more.’ D Wooten

‘I loved that this book immediately made me feel at ease and was such a relaxing read. I agree with another reviewer that this would be the perfect novel to curl up with in the winter, but even in the dead of summer, it’s a great book. Those that can’t get their hands on enough cozy mysteries, will love this book. It’s a descriptive read with amazing characters, making it a great beginning to the series. I highly recommend this one.’ A Brantley

‘Havens creates a perfect cozy mystery that had me guessing until the end. I loved the neighborhood, characters, the twists and turns, and how even the most charming little towns hold the darkest secrets. Am looking forward to the next book!’ Bella Street Author

‘Short and sweet! Five star. I enjoyed this first book of the series and am looking forward to reading the next one. I have to admit my guess was wrong in this “Who done it”.’ Veronica Klujsza