Clare Havens

'The streets were dark with something more than night…' Raymond Chandler

Artwork & Videos

Thanks again to Seb who has sent me this trailer for ‘Doc Gutson’s Revenge’! I love the music!


This wonderful sculpture was created by Poppy in Sydney! Check out the wax on the stopper and the clever use of the cover of ‘The Secret Formula’! How creative!

I think this great review deserves to be in the ‘Artwork’ section too as it is so wonderful to receive a handwritten letter! Thank you Bethany, 10 (when she wrote this), in Massachusetts!


The previous two drawings are by Maya from Sydney. I love the ‘I Love NY’ shirt and shorts! I also love Bella’s freckles!

This great book trailer was created by Seb! I love the black and yellow from the front cover of ‘A Bella Street Mystery:The Secret Formula’!