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'The streets were dark with something more than night…' Raymond Chandler


June musings

Thoughts from my June newsletter…

I have been reading a diverse selection of books this month including Michael Morpurgo’s ‘Song for Mrs Pettigrew’¬†which intersperses fact and fiction and which I absolutely loved. I got the book out of the library but will be buying my own copy! Michael Morpurgo’s book explores ideas of loss and belonging, a theme also prevalent in Kate Morton’s novel, ‘The Distant Hours‘. A character in this book mentions the word¬†Seledreorig, Anglo-Saxon for ‘sadness for the lack of a hall’, a sense of lack of belonging, lack of home. As someone who has moved around the world to live in different cities I can identify with this feeling.
‘The Anglo-Saxons had a gift for sadness and longing… Seledreorig… sadness for the lack of a hall… there’s no word like it in the English language, and yet there ought to be, don’t you think?’ To read more, subscribe to my monthly free newsletter in the bar on the right.

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