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'The streets were dark with something more than night…' Raymond Chandler


The Fat Lady Sings

Here is a sneak peek at the cover of the forthcoming The Fat Lady Sings! Many thanks to eggcreative design in Melbourne who have made all three of my Bella Street covers as well as the cover for The Bellamy Bird.

In The Fat Lady Sings, Bella Street and her tech-wizard friend Felix Samson have been hidden in the Witness Protection Program to keep them out of Doc Gutson’s evil clutches. Unfortunately, the Doc has hired the worst of the worst, Marky Blue-Eyes and Carlos the Moose, to track them down. Will Bella and Felix manage to stay one step ahead of the Doc and her henchmen? Will Bella and Felix ever find out what Excalibur is? What will Johnny Sequins and Pauly Three-Toes do if the Doc finally goes off the deep end? All good questions. One thing’s certain, it won’t be over ’til the fat lady sings…

The third instalment of the Tween Noir Bella Street Mysteries series – think Derek Zoolander meets Sam Spade. I know!

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