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Date archives January 2015


Finally…The Fat Lady Sings!

At long last the third book in my Bella Street Mysteries series, tentatively titled The Fat Lady Sings, is being published! The prologue and first chapter have been published on the Bella Street Mysteries page on my website, and the subsequent chapters will be emailed free of charge to the subscribers to my monthly newsletter as a small thank you for your support! If you have not yet signed up to my newsletter you can do so here: The novel will be published in paperback form at the end of the year. Here’s a brief synopsis of what Bella has to expect:

Bella and her trusty friend, tech genius and noir afficionado, Felix are hiding from the wrath of Doc Gutson after thwarting her once again when they were in England. The Deputy Director of the FBI and the US Marshals have placed Bella and Felix in the Witness Protection Program and the two have been relocated to Tropical North Queensland in Australia. Back in the US, the Doc is recruiting the worst of the worst to assist her in her hunt for Bella, Felix and Bella’s mom, Emerald Street, editor of top fashion magazine Gorgeous Me! and Doc Gutson’s nemesis. Marky Blue-Eyes and Carlos the Moose, long term inmates of the country’s worst prisons, have escaped and the Doc wants them to join her and her henchmen Johnny Sequins, Pauly Three-Toes and Dick Gutson in her plan for the ultimate revenge. Will Bella and Felix be able to put a stop to Doc Gutson’s antics once and for all or will they be forced to face a future of never ending barbeques and Australian Rules Football? One thing’s for sure, it won’t be over until the fat lady sings…