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The Bellamy Bird – available now on Amazon!

The Bellamy Bird, my new story for 7-adult readers – a time travelling adventure story set partly in 1930s England is out now! Currently rated five star on Amazon and Goodreads! The paperback will be available at the end of October 2014 – just in time for Christmas!

Almbury Manor is the ancestral home of the Bellamy family who have a priceless heirloom, a golden statue known as the Bellamy Bird, a gift from an Indian Prince – solid gold and encrusted with precious stones, the Bird is quite priceless. One Midsummer’s Eve in 1931 the statue is stolen, causing the downfall of the Bellamy family and the loss of Almbury Manor. Modern day siblings, Freddie and Jamie, descendants of the Bellamy family, go back in time to try to prevent the robbery and secure their family’s future with the help of some mischievous schoolboys, a group of sailing-mad children and boat called Wren. Fans of Enid Blyton, Arthur Ransome, Agatha Christie and Richmal Crompton will enjoy The Bellamy Bird – from the author of A Bella Street Mystery: The Secret Formula and A Bella Street Mystery: Doc Gutson’s Revenge.

The cover was created by Patrick Baker at Egg Creative Design in Melbourne, who also created my Bella Street covers. I’m really happy with the cover – love that vibrant red!

I think this book will entertain both children and adults alike! Read a sample here….

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