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'The streets were dark with something more than night…' Raymond Chandler

Date archives September 2012


Great quote

I came across this quote on the site of publishing guru J Konrath — it can apply to far more than just publishing — great quote!
“One hand should always be reaching up for your next goal. The other should be reaching down to help others get where you’re at. We’re all in the same boat. Start passing out oars.”
Love. It.


Kids illustrate the news for The New York Times

I recently came across a wonderful feature from the City Room blog at The New York Times, where children under 12 are invited to submit illustrations relating to a recent news story. Some of the work, which is shown on the NYT website, are really great and it is so interesting to see the different perspectives taken by kids around the same issue. Take a look here and why not submit something of your own — can you say you have contributed to the NYT? Why not?!